A new dress and a new opportunity

Recently I responded to an open call for writers for a sewing magazine.

That led to my work being published in the July/August issue of Sysiden, a Danish sewing magazine managed by pattern designer Maria of MariaDenmark Patterns.

Each issue has a pattern that is the main focus. This issue was about a jumpsuit including fit, fabric choices, styling, sewing techniques, and pattern modifications. My article was about drafting a 1/2 circle skirt to match the bodice.

I’m embarrased to admit writing for a publishing magazine created a few problems for me. First, this fabric color was a challenge to photograph in various lighting situations. I only use my cell for my blog and the camera isn’t the best. On top of that, I forgot to reset the setting for high resolution photos so all my pictures were useless when they went to layout. I had to rush my kids to the park on a cloudy day to retake the fashion photos.

I had the joy of modeling while the twins (2 1/2 years) cried in the stroller and my 8 year old took photos. He even told me I was being weird when I posed!

I bribed them with promises of fast food later. Love these guys but next time I’ll nail the setting on a nice day with my friend A who has taken so many lovely photos for my blog in the past.

I really like this little dress and her draft of the larger sizes is spot on. I just lengthened the CF 1″, took in the waist a bit, and added 1″ in the bicep. It is a cotton chambray. This will be a great bodice for other dresses in the future.

While this issue was published in Danish only, the team was gathered for the launch of an English version of the magazine this Fall. Visit her English site for MariaDenmark and check out her pants fitting guide. It is phenomenal!

I’m cutting out my final fitted version of her Nanna pants now. I love that she has two versions in all sizes, a straight and curvy!

I’m looking forward to working with Maria and the international team. I will keep sharing with you all as well!

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