Pattern Play Tutorial: extended sleeves with thumb holes

I’ve been seeing athletic jackets and long sleeve tees featuring this hand warming detail.

I wanted to add thumb holes to my own lounge wear.

This tutorial can be used with any jersey long sleeve top pattern (women, men and kids!) as it shows how to custom fit to anyone’s hand.

Materials: long sleeve pattern piece, tracing or pattern paper, ruler, measuring tape, scissors, pencil and tape

Measure your hand from the knuckle to the wrist. Mine was 3.5 inches.

I added 3 inches as this pattern already had .5 inch hem allowance. I’ll add the hem back in later once I’ve finished making changes.

To mark the thumb hole, align your hand with the middle knuckle at the finished edge. Mark above (B) and below (A) the thumb with ease.

My finished pattern measurements and pattern piece customized to my hand size.

I used Seamwork’s Flor wrap cardigan in size 18. As usual here’s a link to some inspiration.