What is an Eco-Seamstress?

This is a term I’ve adopted to align with the ideals of slow fashion as a seamstress.

Photo source whowhatwear.com

As a seamstress, my choices are influenced by a conscious awareness of my impact. I buy natural fibers instead of synthetics. (Here’s why).

I support smaller local shops when I am able. I love going in and feeling the fabrics and testing the drape.

I mend and reduce waste when I am able. For example, I buy my son uniform pants in the fall in a size up and adjust the waist and length. By spring, the knees are mended and worn, so I convert them into shorts and let out the waist. This means a good pair of pants lives a good long life. I save the cut offs for future patches.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

-Arthur Ashe

This is my favorite quote right now. At times the problems seem so big, but when I look at what I can do here and now, it keeps it managable.

I look at my wardrobe needs and sew for my real life. I now try to “shop” my stash before every project. I truly embraced retail therapy for too many years, so I have more patterns and fabric than I can sew in a year. I still buy fabric and patterns from time to time but am more focused and intentional when I do. The best change is changing the fast fashion mindset and being thoughtful (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/24/climate/eco-friendly-organic-clothing.html)

While there is always room to improve, I do my best as a busy mom and fashion lover to reduce my footprint on the environment.