Family, food, and fabrications (a book list)

2018 was a strange year for me. It changed my world view. I left teaching to be a stay at home mom. I stopped working on my M.Edu. I lost my father. And of course, USA and world news were insane. I did spend my limited down time exploring new ideas.

I wanted to share some books I really loved in 2018.

I love cookbooks that include cultural backgrounds. The Brazilian Table by Yara & Richard Roberts combines regional variations and recipes with personal anecdotes and Brazilian history. It’s a fun read. Brazilian food has a personal connection for me and I love cooking dishes that remind me of Rio. Also Brazilian food always brings a smile to my husband’s face when he comes home from work. I really think coming home should feel good.

Homebody by Joanna Gaines explores creating a home space that is personal and usable rather than just pretty. I love her philosophy of creating a space that you want to spend time in like a homebody (hence the title). I just really enjoyed the room by room structure. For those who follow my instagram, this is what started the home projects of late. My kitchen is in process.

I came across this one after Homebody. Crafting a Colorful Home by Kristin Nicholas just built on that inspiration and my seamstress background as it includes many DIY fiber/textile projects and ideas for my home. The author, a yarn maker, really focuses on bringing vibrant colors in numerous combinations into every room. My first project from this book, a yarn garland thing, didn’t work but my second, a new kitchen curtain, is going well.

Next on my reading list is Breaking the Pattern. Just waiting for this fashion sewing book to be delivered.

What is on your reading list?

One thought on “Family, food, and fabrications (a book list)

  1. Happy New Year to you, too!
    I’m reading British mysteries from the Golden Age (think 1920-1940-ish). And trying to ignore the news whilst keeping current. 🤪

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