An end of year moment

So I haven’t posted in ages, but the end of year stress as a teacher/Grad Student/Mom-o-3 has led to a little stress relief shopping that I thought I would share. While shopping, I created this cute little collage to keep me focused (mostly worked…)

Mini-Capsule Plan

I have been loving seeing Ashley Graham everywhere lately as she is an inspiration!

beautiful ashley graham cover

I’ve also been picking up more from Alabama Chanin in terms of her Craftsy class and 2 more of her books.

I’ve learned a lot about painting, stenciling, hand-stitching, and whatnot from these samples I played with over Thanksgiving Break. It was kind of nice to be able to sew with needle and thread instead of a machine. Especially with these two…

twins pantry

Ultimately, I completed two projects: a t-shirt and an Alabama Chanin poncho from the book with just paint, no beads or embroidery (the gray and black repeated leaves from above). So maybe 2-3 hours of sewing in months?


I accept that sewing isn’t going to happen much anymore, and I stopped buying as much. I had so many Seamwork Magazine credits build up, I went ahead and picked a few patterns from there as they fit me well and are simple, classic, and fast/easy to sew: Rio tee, Delavan blazer, Laurel dress, and Alice tee.


I hope to make one or two items over Christmas break when my teacher and grad school work is on pause and around family fun and relaxation. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday as well! It might be awhile before I pop in again…


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