Mommy seeks the perfect t-shirt dress!

I don’t want to be the “soccer mom in yoga pants” stereotype. This is a stereotype I totally hate by the way.  I just love fashion and want to be comfy. Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been playing with t-shirt dress muslins.

First, I tried the Mandy Boat Tee from Tessuti Fabrics. The one size fits all should have warned me right?

On the left is Eileen Fisher’s boxy merino sweater that inspired my desire to modify the Mandy Boat Tee to plus size. It looks cute, stylish, comfy, etc. I made up my test version in ITY border print from Maggy London. It gets a meh… I love the colors, but the cut isn’t satisfying. Here’s how I graded up the pattern to plus one size fits all.

I do love the print. I just lengthened the boxy bodice and dropped the bottom of the armhole a bit to match the modified Plantain tee sleeve.

It is a comfy sack except the polyester in Florida humidity makes it impossible to wear outdoors. I was contemplating trying again with more modifications until I saw this book review over at The Fold Line‘s youtube channel.


I immediately bought the book (and several other sewing books, shh!). As soon as it came in, I traced off the Essential Pencil and Drape Front top. I am really excited about this “Essential Collection” and the Maker’s Atelier aesthetic in general. (full Book Review coming soon)

I decided to combine the skirt and top after seeing some of the Maker’s Atelier other technical drawings of cocoon inspired shapes to make this wearable muslin.

I am in love with the way she drafted this drape front because I can bend over. Strange but true. I’ve tried other drape front top patterns and RTWs and when I bend over I reveal far more of myself than I’d ever want to. This one doesn’t. It conceals and drapes with no gaping!

My husband also likes this shape better on me AND I’ve received multiple compliments from students and co-workers! Sorry Tessuti, but the Mandy Boat Tee pattern is being trashed. I’m also toying with the idea of upcycling the ITY print rather than keep that dress. Thoughts? I’m thinking making the top length with the pencil skirt in solids now that I know they fit.

5 thoughts on “Mommy seeks the perfect t-shirt dress!

      1. Luckily the boxy shape has left enough fabric for an upcycle so I just need to figure out what to change it to. I’m going to save it for the fall when the heat/humidity breaks since it wears so hot.

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