Curvy Mini-Capsule Ideas

I found the Sew-Along from the Facebook group so motivating (i.e. focusing so I actually finish projects instead of leaving a pile of UFOs) that I’ve decided to join the Curvy Sewing Collective’s Mini-Capsule sew-along.

I participated in their February Theme of Pants with my blue pants from the Seasonal Sew Along Deep Stash Group. It was fun and their Facebook group is great! The Deep Stash projects have really been a life-saver as my boss has spoken out against jeans, yoga pants, leggings, and all “stretchy pants” which was my wardrobe before SSWDS! My postpartum body needs more cute stuff to wear! So what am I going to make?

First, I want this new SeamWork Magazine Gabrielle dress for misses or curvy. It is gorgeous with back cutout options. I love the color so much I went to and ordered the same orange/red shade of French Terry, along with a denim blue knit and black and white print jersey that will work for this dress too. (I used a friend referral to get my first month/any 2 patterns for $3, plus they added a free pattern to my downloads when I joined. Here’s a friend referral for you dear reader, should you like to pick out 2 patterns for $3).

Next, I need more pants! Check out this video below:

I love the way this designer makes pieces that are comfy and extremely wearable. I went to the store to buy them only to find that my “teacher salary/mom of 3 kids” budget couldn’t afford a $258.00 pair of slouchy ankle pants. Anyway, EF has three core pant styles: Slouchy, cropped straight, and slim leg. Here’s my matching pattern ideas:

I will have to muslin them and see. Obviously, I may not get to all 3 styles in the next month, but I’m hoping to at least get one muslined/fitted to make 1 finished well-fitting pair.

Finally tops and layers:

I’ve been wanting to make a cute hip length cardigan with 3/4 sleeves in semi-sheer sweater knit, and Oslo from Seamwork Magazine mostly matches the vision in my head. Then my favorite layers in the EF system are the long tank and tank dress, which would be easy to make from McCalls 7537 in comfy rayon/cotton jersey. I’ve been using my me-made maxis so much lately, I might make another maxi skirt using this McCalls’ pattern too.

Other options:

Finally, I want a simple and easy dress for date night. I plan on having one mid-May for Mother’s Day! I would love a white dress, but alas, white isn’t in my life without stains. Therefore, I’m eyeing a matte charmeuse in blue for the trapeze dress or the Vogue tunic lengthened to a shift dress. I started the fitting muslin for the shift style and I have the bodice area fit. I need to go back and modify the sleeves to match the shoulder angle and arm scythe adjustments I made. I also taped up the Kenedy PDF pattern, and it looks like it will fit with no adjustments, so I might make a muslin of that too.

My Color palette:


I’m loving navy and cobalt blues and cream for my neutrals and fiery orange-red for my color pops. When I ordered the Red-Orange French Terry for the Skater dress above, I got a bulk discount for ordering 5+ yards, so I’m thinking I’ll get the skater dress, a tee/tank and a maxi skirt in the solid accent color. I have the cobalt blue matte charmeuse for one dress. The Denim blue knit I ordered has enough for 1 skater dress and extra for a top or cardigan. The creamy blush semi-sheer sweater knit has enough for the Oslo and a matching longer tank that would layer over a plain RTW cami.


I know these babies of mine won’t let me sew all this in a month, but just thinking about sewing, feeling fabric, and imagining creative combinations makes me happy.


O 1 pair (pattern ?) pants neutral (?)

O 1 Oslo cardigan nude/blush neutral

O 1 McCalls long tank nude/blush neutral

O 1 Gabrielle skater dress blue denim knit


O 1 Gabrielle skater dress orange-red

O 1 McCalls tank top orange-red

O 1 McCalls knee length skirt orange-red

O 1 McCalls tank dress (tea-length?) neutral (?)

O 1 dressy (pattern?) dress matte blue charmeuse

Sweet Sewing Dreams to you too!

11 thoughts on “Curvy Mini-Capsule Ideas

  1. Wishing you all the best! You can do this. I am working on my UFOs.. its not right to have that stuff sitting ( That’s what I tell myself).;)

    1. UFOs are a perennial plague aren’t they?? I put two on top of my machine in an effort to finish them and now they are nicely hanging on the shelf next to my machine still waiting impatiently for completion!

      1. That’s a good strategy…I should do that..that way I am not inclined to start new 😊

  2. All good wishes for your new wardrobe! Like your colour selections, and think your ideas will be very comfortable. Now back to my own pile of UFO’s… lol!

    1. Oh ufos plague me too. I actually UFO busted before Christmas when we changed around the house to set up for the twins. I learned that most of my ufos are there for a reason. Of the various projects only 1 UFO is now in heavy rotation. The others had fit issues, bad fabric/design combos, or bad designs for my body. I have 3 ufos left and I finished, recycled or donated the rest. It was a cleansing way to start the new year!

      1. Do you have a neighbor or family member that can give you some tough love? My friend Vicki powered through my closet last year and forced me to part with so many things that were too small, old, etc. She was tough but now my wardrobe is manageable and mostly stuff I wear. That second opinion broke my hoarding tendency! She also attacked my stash for polyester print monstrosities. That was terrifying but you know, I haven’t missed any of the stuff and it’s been over a year! (She even took the boxes and bags with her at the end of the session so I wouldn’t keep them in storage =D)

      2. Clever friend!
        No, don’t have a similar person around, and only have the problem with ufo’s, so not too huge. But Thank You for suggesting! 😘

    1. Lol. Yes time is an issue! I actually started planning on my lunch break Monday after the curvy collective announced and I had just finished paging through the new seamwork magazine. The EF system has been on my mind for a bit, so it all came together with a bang. Thanks for the feedback!

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