Hello world!

newborn photo shoot with Akylis

I know it’s been ages, but I am back…sort of. Can you believe I started intermittently blogging 5 years ago in a tiny apartment in Rio de Janeiro? Now, I’m juggling the twins and a kindergartener in Florida. What a journey! I still find sewing relaxing and have learned so much through the online sewing community. Thank you for being a party of this journey!


So for the baby quilts and other baby projects, I did finish them! Above is the fun and done quilt with the newborns.

Here they are one month out on the quilt I made using a panel top with batting and a cotton flannel bottom. Super easy, fast, and oddly soothing to sew all those straight rows of quilting stitches.

Finally here they are today looking adorable with the swaddling clothes I stitched up. The writing is a preview of my first post-preggo project-a sew-a-long with a Facebook group (more about that later).


I hope 2017 has been going well for you dear reader!


8 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. I blame mom-brain for forgetting to add the details! Two boys! Thanks. I think they are the best looking babies in the world…but I may be biased!

  1. Can’t imagine how busy you must be!!!! Sewing must be the last thing on your mind now just keeping up with new schedules and laundry! Wishing you the best and lots of helping hands!

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