Postpartum contemplation

While I’m stitching up quilts, snugglers, hooded towels, etc., my mind keeps wandering to my own wardrobe. Between sewing simple maternity pieces and friend hand-me-downs, my business casual and casual maternity life are covered. I’m now contemplating January i.e. postpartum. My old clothes probably won’t fit, and my new clothes will probably be on their last legs or too big. On top of that, I bought Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style recently.


I am really drawn to her aesthetics and her loose yet stylish silhouettes! They look chic and comfortable.

I’ll need this type of easy to move in clothing that doesn’t cling to “mummy tummy” for work, weekend errands and playing with my 3 boys! I can’t imagine wearing a tight dress or high heels for quite some time!


I was not only inspired by LJ’s designs but also by her design process which she shares throughout the book. I really recommend this book as it is so much more than a simple pattern and sewing how-to. My first project was a simple fabric bracelet that took all of 10 minutes to sew. I’ve also traced off an Esme top, LJ’s simple shift style top with 3/4 sleeves to try out. I am guessing that while the waist will be too tight, I can still fit the shoulders and plan for the future, as I won’t have much time once the twins arrive.

Here are my sketches and swatches.  I’ve mixed LJ’s woven designs with fun knits like StyleArc’s Adele Top/Tunic (again!) and Sandra Betzina’s 1496 Cacoon top/dress. I pulled from my stash a collection of wovens and knits to pair with pieces. I keep grabbing sunny yellows  and teals with black and creamy white for neutrals.  I probably won’t get all of these done, but I’m hoping to add 7-8 pieces to my closet by December to prepare. I’ve also been closet cleaning the entire house to make room for the twins in our small townhouse. It is amazing what we hold onto isn’t?

9 thoughts on “Postpartum contemplation

    1. I like the styles, but I have only traced off one pattern. I have no idea how they fit or sew yet. When I make them I’ll post about the experience and drafting.

      1. Take your time tracing them. They are not as hard for what I saw,… not like Burda patterns or the Japanese books :0\

  1. Will have to check out this book – thanks for the recommendation! Great planning, too, and oh, yes! Astounding what we keep, even after several moves. Eager to see more of your new & bright wardrobe!

    1. Yes, I am tempted to toss the moving boxes that have been gathering dust for the past 2+ years without opening them! Not to mention the sewing stuff I’ve squirreled away since high school! 16 years is long enough in the stash I suppose…

      1. I just need to find some new places to stash sewing stuff as the closet in the kids’ room can’t be used just for fabric anymore!

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