Happy Mom’s Day to Me!

So I spent a bit of money this weekend, and I was heavily inspired by Indie Pattern Month that is coming in June from The Monthly Stitch!

First, an Indie Paper Pattern for the “New to Me Competition” the first week of June:


This woman’s pattern is from Violette Field Patterns and is part of their Mommy and Me collection. I love the side button detail on the over-skirt with the cute ruffles underneath. Not sure on fabric yet, but it might be fun to do a serious pinstripe suiting on the over-skirt and some playful satin on the underskirt for a sassy surprise skirt.

Second, I picked up two indie pattern designers books through Amazon:

While both books are based on the same principle of patterns that can be modified for several different looks, Boundless Style is far superior! The patterns are unique and stylish. Boos, the designer from Victory Patterns, elevates the designs with gorgeous photography and designer touches like pleated sleeves or a unique variation on the princess seam bodice.While “book patterns” don’t qualify for the Indie Pattern Month competitions, I still want to make 4 dresses from this book so far. I highly recommend this one for all levels of seamstresses and it has enough of a size range that I won’t have to draft up too  much! LOVE!

On the other hand, Chic and Simple Sewing is exactly that SIMPLE. It has a very limited size range (S,M,L with Large ending at size 10/12). This book by designer Christine Haynes is really for beginners or seamstresses who want to stitch up  a dress in an afternoon. The designs are simple and none of the them require zippers or buttons. I plan to pass this along to my fashion club girls, as it is more appropriate for their sizes and skill level. (FYI: An art teacher and I have started a Fashion Design Club at the high school where I teach. This was our first year!)

Did you splurge on sewing or fashion stuff this mom’s day?

NOTE: Boundless Style has a CD for printable PDFs or downloadable PDFs from the designer’s Dropbox while Chic and Simple Sewing has large paper patterns tucked into the inside cover.

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