Oh Deer Me!

One of the best parts of blogging for me has been seeing sewing make a major comeback. I’ve also loved the Sewing Web Community that has grown with it. Seeing how the relationship between consumer/fashionista/seamstress and the independent sewing companies has transformed the way we talk about and shop for our materials and patterns. Personally, one of my favorite pattern companies to cyber stalk has been Deer & Doe from France.


My love affair started in 2013 when I discovered the Chardon skirt (above). As they’ve grown and evolved, they’ve kept their real women models. Their newest is a plus pear that is my favorite model to date!


What’s even better? They are not only photoing their new pattern releases on her (Skirt and Jacket above), but they are also re-photoing their previous releases on her (shirt below).


I think its a great move to expand the range of body sizes they show all their patterns on. I hope other pattern companies take note that seamstresses prefer real woman models (ahem…Burda). It makes me want to pull out my Bluet and Chardon patterns to make them up in my new larger size as I can see they look adorable on a big booty!


One thought on “Oh Deer Me!

  1. I love when pattern companies do this – especially if they design for “real” women. The pear shape (even the hourglass) are rather average and normal shapes, but most RTW assumes a straighter figure with wider shoulders and smaller hips.

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