Spring Summer Inspiration

Spring & summer fashions and inspiration has been swirling in my head the past two weeks. I’ve been pinning and planning on Pinterest for Floridian outfits that are easy for a quick wardrobe update. Here’s this season’s Pantone palette:


I am in love with these colors, especially the blues! Here are some silhouettes I am loving.

I am happy to see leggings/jeggings are still in as these comfy cotton wonders are great in the heat when you’ve forgotten to shave. Several of my students have been wearing silky breezy kimonos over tank tops. What a beautiful combination to showcase a gorgeous print in a weekend project!

I am planning a few quick and easy project that are NOT time consuming to built some casual warm weather wear into my wardrobe. (No “winter” trip to Brazil this June, so I am in need of it this year!) Here’s my first idea for a top:

beach chairs

Blues & Yellow, fancy touches, warm weather, beach, ocean, touch of drama, breezy. How is that going to translate into a tank top? TBA!


5 thoughts on “Spring Summer Inspiration

  1. Thanks for posting the Pantene colours! I forgot to check… mmmm, I could do that blue (Serenity) and love that orange-red (Fiesta). . . How on earth can you even think about jeggings for a Florida summer?! If (a big if) I could bear trousers, they’d have to be very loose. 😢 (that’s sweat, not tears!)
    Oh, did you get my email?

    1. The sweat is pretty bad isn’t it?!? But I always get chafing if I wear a dress when the humidity is high. I think leggings and jeggings with high cotton content are better than pain. In Brazil, I had this knit capri jumpsuit that I practically lived in during the summer with no a/c. At least here, there’s plenty of a/c when I do wear long pants. I did get your email, I was just thinking about my calendar before responding. The next few weeks are crazy with end of semester teacher stuff; then, SUMMER BREAK!

      1. Don’t worry about timing – have lots to do before/during me made may starts. Hum, yes, there’s that other problem with dresses. I drag out the culottes then, as AC can be minimal. To each her own!

  2. You moved! Welcome to the USA. I also like the short kimonos over a tank, and as a change from shorts I’m considering culottes.
    Let me guess from your inspiration photo – a striped tank top with lace?

    1. Yes, I moved! We finally finished the immigration process for my husband! I am so thankful we got his permanent visa before the elections. As for your guess, that sounds pretty, I might use it in the future. As for this time, nope.

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