Instant Tee!

One good thing about gaining weight? My StyleArc patterns fit again! With that silver lining, I was inspired to cut and sew the Adele tee this weekend!

Adele Coral Tee pose

I used a coral colored silk knit blend from FabricMart. I love how light and silky it feels against my skin. I also received a significant number of compliments when I wore it to work Monday. Apparently this color suited me better than I anticipated.

The StyleArc Adele has a nice swing to asymmetrical hem that really gets moving in the wind.

Adele Coral Tee side slit

The side slit creates an interesting detail, especially with the contrast of these jeggings peaking out.

Adele Coral Tee back

The asymmetrical hem is repeated in the back as well. Overall this is a great wardrobe pattern that can be used to create a ton of items.

The only pattern modification I had to do for size 16 was narrowing the shoulders. No bust, bicep, or waist adjustments needed. I love how quick it was to cut and sew.

PHOTOS COURTESY of Anabel! Thank you!

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