2015’s UFO finished just in time for Easter

angelwings top with Akylis
#delandwings mural! My son loved this photo shoot!

Happy Easter! We spent the day having family fun. This top was meant to be last year’s spring dress cut using Lisette’s Diplomat Dress (S1878) and quilter’s cotton… Then I picked it up again to be my Easter dress this year. Here’s the lackluster version as a dress.

There’s just something not right you know? It was a little too short or something. My husband thought it was the yellow, but once I chopped off 6+ inches to create a hi-low top he loved it.

Accessory note: The turquoise necklace is a new skill-jewelry making. Nothing fancy, just a double strand with a lobster clasp.

marcio and I angel wings
My husband was definitely not embarrassed by this make!

It is so interesting to me as a seamstress that just a hem change could make something go from terrible to wonderful. Anyway, time for the details.

Back adjustment

I did minimal alterations originally. Just a short back waist and the usual side grading to create 18 in the bust and 22 at the hip. I cut this way back in time before really becoming comfortable with FBAs, so I didn’t do that. Based on the photos, it could use it.

See those travel lines?


This one is so comfortable, I plan to cut it again in a longer dress length.

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