Butterick posted the fall collection…and some are great!

I have been a bit disappointed with the big-4 of late, with boring, weird, and a hidden gem…sometimes. Today, that feeling was destroyed with Butterick’s Fall Line-up!


Lisette’s gorgeous unlined coat is on the top of my after-I-sew-work-clothes-list! How comfy!




Not one, but THREE variations on modern power suits with feminine details! Just in time for my work wardrobe. I really love the idea of a not so traditional boucle/tweed jacket. Personally, I like the idea of the Chanel jacket, but I tried a version on and didn’t feel it helped my figure. No waist nip in, just boxy…


Finally, for my casual weekend looks, I love this sweater with back variations. Cute and comfy, with pockets!

So, are you interested in Butterick’s new collection? Which ones?

12 thoughts on “Butterick posted the fall collection…and some are great!

    1. I agree. I am very curious how this one will move with the arms. Will it flip up or stay down? I think it would need a full muslin or test garment to really give it a test drive before using the good suiting…

  1. I really like several of these items. Recently I bought 5 yards of boucle on clearance and perhaps it will be perfect for one of these jackets. Thank you for posting!

    1. I love finding great fabric on clearance! Congrats! Keep me posted on the jacket. I love to see tailoring and construction in progress.

    1. Probably a little of both! I’ve been in Brazil 5 weeks now for the “winter” in the southern hemisphere and I’ve been in T’s and jeans most of the time. Not really cold enough for a sweater and some days were sweltering hot. The weather is bizarre. The news even had a feature story about so many stores slashing prices on clothing because no one was buying and the stores were losing money. This area is usually much colder. My husband said I brought a bit of summer with me!

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