The Bow Blouse of Happiness!

I am so happy with this blouse!

My husband and I are playing with the photo shoot style. Blogging like this has a been a bonding experience for us.
See that model-esque hair flip?
But seriously, this top is amazing! I love this print and how comfy this blouse turned out to be!
Fiddly bit #1-joining knit raglan sleeves with a woven bodice! It took a little bit to attach on a traditional machine without the sleeves stretching out.
Fiddly bit #2-the bow’s casing. Burda’s “WTF” directions read with things like “sew inner half with right sides together, leaving outer half open.” People, this was one of Burda’s rectangles that you have to draft yourself. Nothing was marked inner or outer half. Meh! I muddled on, ripped some stitches and made it work. Basically, you’re stitching the rectangle ends first but only half way, leaving the other half open. Finally make a tube lengthwise, right sides out, baste raw edges, press. This should give you a circular casing with an opening for the bow to come out of and a long raw edge to attach to your raw neckline edge. Then stitch the casing to the blouse neckline to finish both with the opening facing away from your body.
Screw the directions and did it my way #1-rather than run all the basting to gather the front to X cm and the back to X cm, I just pinned the band to the shirt matching CF, CB, and side seams. Then I stretched the knit band to the length of the blouse hem as I stitched the seam. When the knit relaxed, voila, evenly gathered hem with no fabric puckers or pinches. Really, who wants to over-complicate it anyway?
I love the roomy volume and with this fabric draping close to the body, it doesn’t look bulky!
Probably could have done a short back length adjustment, but it isn’t really distracting…I think…
Final thoughts? This pattern in a nicely draping light fabric with knit pieces is super comfortable and amazing. Other than the direction snafu, it was a quick make. I recommend it and will definitely be sewing it again!

So the big question: is this appropriate for work?

10 thoughts on “The Bow Blouse of Happiness!

    1. What? You aren’t into my styling yoga pants? =D Yeah, my travel comfy clothes didn’t have the proper accessories for really styling this outfit. I also don’t have a plain pencil that fits at home. I need to work on that! Thanks!

    1. Thank you for stopping in and giving me feedback. BTW-Great wedding dress! Your wedding photos are really cute too. Congratulations!

  1. Fabulous top! I love your fabrics (but I told you that last post). I really must try this myself, albeit with less interesting fabric. I think it would be OK for work if you dress it up with a skirt/heels.

    1. Thank you! I am planning to wear nicer bottoms. This is a pair of yoga pants =D. I have black and grey solids somewhere in the stash. I will have to make something, as I don’t own a plain black pencil that fits.

  2. I’m with Tia, a nice skirt will blend well make it a pretty outfit. It doesn’t need to be a black skirt, pick one of the colors in the top and go with that, maybe rust or pink? Be bold, be daring!

    1. I love that color idea suggestion! I will keep that in mind! This week I’m traveling a bit, so no sewing. But once I get settled back home, I’ll start playing again!

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