Learning to overlock in Brazil

I am excited to share that my husband’s cousin has married a lovely Brazilian lady who happens to like sewing as much as I do! Lidiane took a sewing course that ran 20 hours a week for one year. Can you imagine! Heaven! She spent many hours learning to draft and sew RTW/manufacturing style. After she graduated, she spent 4 years working in the auto industry sewing custom leather seats. Unfortunately, with the recent economic troubles in Brazil, her company closed. She’s at home doing her own sewing for family, friends, and a few clients.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALidiane has also kindly given me lessons on her overlock and hemmer machines. I really like the overlock machine! She helped me whip up So Sew Easy’s Color Block skirt in a double sided grey/black and redraft the pattern to make a more basic, properly fitting skirt for a leopard print scuba knit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI attempted to use the hem machine, but had a terrible time. I had trouble keeping the stitching even and straight. I also had trouble keeping the tension even while making a RTW style elastic waistband. After ripping out the stitching several times, Lidiane kindly finished this skirt (top photo removed at Lidiane’s request). She is extremely patient! Overall, the grey and black skirt went awry, but it might be salvageable. We need to tweak the fit as it has too much ease for the amount of stretch in the fabric. Probably because the scuba knits are so stretchy, not because of the pattern drafting. Here’s the leopard print version with another travel top!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a Butterick top pattern OOP and I can’t remember the number. It was fast and easy. The only fiddly bits are the front and back parallel horizontal pleats.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe skirt is so comfortable because of the stretch and silky finish of the scuba knit. It doesn’t feel hot like other polyester knits. It doesn’t wrinkle or cling that much either! Magical really. Overall, I love this skirt, I love scuba knit, and I am so excited to learn more from Lidiane! Here’s her pattern stash:


Can you believe she has never used a commercial pattern in the cut and go style? She either uses these basic templates or drafts her own from scratch. Sounds fun, yet time-consuming. I really want to learn more about drafting though. Or at least play with these patterns and tools!

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