Planning a “work uniform” for the Fall Semester…

As part of my ready to wear fast with Goodbye Valentino, I joined Colette Patterns’ Wardrobe Architect Challenge. As for the challenge steps in the blog, I must confess, I almost immediately didn’t do my homework. I swear, teachers make the worst students!

Teacher Outfits on a Teacher's Budget 24: Turquoise Cardigan by allij28 on Polyvore featuring Oasis, H&M, VILA, Dorothy Perkins, French Connection, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, Wet Seal, Butter London and Essiephoto courtesy of

Here’s what I did: January really blended with my Silhouette Project, so I skimmed and didn’t do more than pin tons of stuff to my Pinterest Boards. My core style tends towards classic/romantic shapes (a touch of girly with the chic), a little dramatic with bold color and animal prints, and practical (as in I can move!).

I did start cleaning out my closet in fits and bits from February to June. I made a huge dent. I plan to finish up the reorganization part when I get home. I did a travel capsule rather than Spring/Summer capsule pieces in May/June. I focused primarily on tops as you may have noticed in my past few posts.

Now, July is planning a Fall Wardrobe. I am actually doing my homework on time! If you’ve noticed a trend on my Pinterest boards, I love skirts with cute tops layered with classic cardigans. I have pinned tons of variations on this classic combo. I am thinking about making it my go-to mix-and-match “work uniform.”

"Black & white polka dot dress" by lisariverarph on Polyvore

See? This photo from really sets the stage. Just swap the heels for flats and this teacher is good to go!

classicFound on

Or this lovely pussy bow blouse? I already made one of these way back here for the mini-wardrobe. I like it better than traditional collared button-ups! This look is an easy feminine solution for the cotton work blouse.

work wear- banana republic on

Here’s another mix of the same idea for work, only in a softer color palette. I love the textured fabric with the simple pencil skirt. I could see this in a darker color palette and it would work as a soft two piece suit with a shell.

Black and tan with leopard scarf OR shoes. Wear with black shoes or leopard pumps as well.Found on

This one tosses in great trousers, a simple shell, and a great scarf, while still using the flats and cardigan. I love the animal prints!

professionalFound on

This combination manages to squeeze in denim for a professional look!

white sheath dress trilogy part III: after-work cocktailsFound on

I pinned a ton of sheath dresses as well, some in knits with interesting drapes, but most in simple solids with basic princess seams. I think one of Simplicity’s Amazing fit dresses in my stash has this square armhole style. I’ll have to check! I want this in dark brown denim with in-seam pockets!

Now to finish the wardrobe architect project, I get to spend August stash busting and planning. Then Sept/Oct. is sewing the Fall/Winter Collection. Then November is finishing and December is sharing. We’ll see if I follow the schedule. What do you think of this “work uniform” idea?

6 thoughts on “Planning a “work uniform” for the Fall Semester…

  1. Well, this is the prettiest work uniform I could ever imagine! I think it’s smart to have a collection of great pieces like these that you can mix and match easily for those inevitable mornings when you’re rushing out of the house. The Banana Republic combo is gorgeous! Pencil skirts always look great, but I agree that they stand out even more in really special fabrics. You have me thinking about a particular silk/linen floral in my stash… I bought it for shorts, but it’s too stiff for such a thing and would be better as a fabulous pencil like this one.

    1. oo that sounds gorgeous! A signature print for your work collection =) I love linen. I am planning a plain black linen pencil. I think have some with a little stretch somewhere in my stash.

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