Wardrobe Ideas for the Moto Jacket

I’m probably going to shock you with the depth of my fabric stash. Just know that I know I am a fabric-o-holic. The first step is admitting the problem (and I’ve been admitting it for years, so it is all good!) Here’s what I unearthed when I took my Moto Jacket lining for matching:

The Moto Jacket is on the left. The fabrics on the right from top to bottom: Lace Jacquard Print (9/10 yd. remnant), Crepe Leopard print with maroon spot shading (3 yds), dark red tubular rib knit (1+ yd), Maroon suiting with black and white pinstripes (5 yds), Maroon Crepe back satin (3+ yds), and traditional leopard print in medium weight woven with a silky soft drape (3 yds)

OMG right? That’s of course not counting the other stuff I found in black, grey, tan, white, and navy as those are the neutrals that go with maroon. Of course, I began pre-washing and planning immediately. I also ran into Jo-Anns for notions and came across two remnants that were marked way down and were in the color grouping! Here’s what I’ve cut so far:

Lace Jaquard poly-cotton blend with a teeny bit of stretch but bad recovery. I cut a pencil skirt with a bit more ease from my TNT except I’ve lost the waist stay pattern piece. I also had enough lining left over from the jacket to fully line this skirt.
This soft light blue/white denim (no stretch) came as part of my “free bundle” fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics black Friday sale. I cut V8750 View D-the above the knee swishy version.

And here’s what I’m  planning for a few others:

I loved my vogue peplum jacket to pieces, so rather than making another Laura cardigan, I’m going to try McCalls 6844 peplum cardigan with pretty shawl collar. It looks like it will fuse my favorite elements of the other two styles. This is a light weight black fine sweater knit (3 yds, unknown content or origins).
This remnant from Jo-Anns is a graphic “denim” print on a medium weight cotton blend jersey (.833 yds). I’m hoping to have enough for the sleeveless version with the big collar. If not, I’ll probably be able to get the shell with basic bais strip finish.
This 5 yards of suiting really screams trouser (Lisette’s new trouser pattern is prepped and ready), but I am also tempted to play with Melissa Watson’s A-line maxi view C with the stripe play meeting at CF. I have enough fabric for both, but I’m still not sure I want two bottoms and no jacket from this suiting. I know I bought it to make a traditional pants suit with stripe play, but have completely forgotten which Burda jacket I was inspired by. Decisions… decisions…

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am really trying to get the 8 other pieces together for Pattern Review’s Wardrobe Contest that runs April 1-May15. The Moto Jacket will count as my one “pre-contest or RTW” piece. Well I’m off to stitch up the two cut skirts and cogitate on the other items. I am really struggling for “top” ideas. Suggestions?

And of course, the cat, as always, wanted to help out with the photos!

Huck the project inspector

12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Ideas for the Moto Jacket

    1. Yes! I should shop my stash more often, but it means I also have to find more time to sew the stuff that I already have on the table!

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