Silhouette Project: Skirt Update

I realized after posting the dress pattern pieces, I should have shown you the projects that I fell in love with. I have taken those loveable pieces and tweaked them into TNT (Tried-n-True) patterns for my “go to” box. It took a few months, but I did have some method to my madness and worked in groups.

Favorite Skirts moving to TNT status:

black polka dot cropped   polka dot back

I am in love with pencils! This started as M6318, but I never wore it. So, I upcycled with a grosgrain ribbon waistband. I’ve now traced off the dress’ skirt for future use with woven fabrics like linen. The smooth back darts and front pleats really work for comfort and flatter my curves.

flower pencil croppedflower pencil outfit

Here’s another Burda 08/2012 #111C. I’m really liking it for stretch wovens like this Italian graphic print (as seen in my post in March. I’ve been sewing rather than blogging. Sorry!). I just cut out another one in green and gold pinstripe stretch denim.

grey skirt croppedgrey skirt back

Here’s Simplicity 5914, a best pattern of 2006 according to pattern review and dug up because of this post. This fit and flare is very flattering, though I think all future versions will be softer in crepes because I love the hem movement. I am searching for the perfect wool crepe to make this a couture project. Doesn’t it look like a good skirt to practice those techniques?

purple aline croppedpurple aline back

Finally, here is another rendition of Simplicity 2152 in purple stretch cotton sateen. I keep picking things with princess seams because they are easier to fit. This one is a little funky because of the faux pockets, i.e. pocket plackets top stitched on. Bleh. When I tried to seam rip, the sateen fabric was damaged, so I have to keep them. I am going to try it with the View C ruffle next.

Note on hems: Hems falling in the center of my knee or just below are my favorite. Too high and it makes my heavy thighs dominate and calf length also accents my large calves. Ankle length maxis also look beautiful. I want to try 7/8 vintage length skirts soon as that is a narrower spot on my leg, which should also work.

This pretty much wraps up common skirts in my opinion. So what is on my table now? A shift dress, a sheath dress, two blouses, a cardigan, a jacket, and a few remakes of these skirts. When I chose pieces for the Mini-Wardrobe Contest on pattern review this month, I focused on mix and match casual pieces that are comfortable and flattering in my “Deep Autumn” color palette and added a few romantic touches: gathering, ruffles, bows, etc. I was playing with “Signature Style” (as defined by Cardigan Empire). More of that soon!

5 thoughts on “Silhouette Project: Skirt Update

  1. What a great set of skirts. I love how va-va-va-voom the pencil version is, and the flared is so perfect! This is a TNT set of patterns now, right, ‘cuz they fit perfectly.

    1. Right! Thanks =) It was worth the extra fabric and effort to get the fit right. I think many of my pre-S-Project items were failures because of poor fit rather than that the “style” didn’t suit me.

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