Wear One, Wad One

As part of my back to work wardrobe and Silhouette project, I decided to make another button up shirt, a perrenial tailored favorite.
black button upThis is Burda Style 07-2010-122  and I used a sheer silk blend, double layered for modesty. Underlining with the same fabric turned out to work for the concealment, but the result was rather stiff. I was imagining this as a cool, breezy work blouse that would drape more. It would also be easier to wear with the loose cut and easier to sew with the kimono sleeves. I only used the collar stand for a modern look. I love the button placement here with the seam detail as it doesn’t gape. GASP!!

black button up back
Here’s why I don’t love it: the back. I like the seam detail at CB, but it looks a little rumply even when pressed. I can’t decide if it is construction or fabric at fault. Maybe in a softer cotton? I did recieve compliments when I wore it with trousers, buttoned to my chin with a different necklace. I thought this was a great outfit, but decided not after seeing these pictures. The collar seemed to collapse a bit. I’ve also tried it with an A-line skirt and think its a little more proportional and matches the business casual feel. Does that every happen to you when you look at your photos?

Now for the wadder:

navy ponte knit skirt front 2

Recognize this pattern? It feels like a diaper strapped to my CF and the weight drags down the waistband. I think if you use anything heavier than a tissue, this bad boy just gets too heavy with all the pleats for the front draping. Nice idea, but with only one layer of tissue weight fabric on your behind, you will be showing the world more than you care to, at least in my opinion. If I made it in a light slinky jersey, I would have to use special undergarments to insure the panty line is concealed. Basically, after playing with this one, I conclude it is not for me or anyone who wears underwear. It also runs short. I like that the companies are getting trendier patterns, but this one is probably too junior/teenager for me.

2 thoughts on “Wear One, Wad One

  1. Know what you mean about seeing a photo for critiquing. Sometimes I’ll do that with a fabric before I decide what to do with it. But I’m not set up here at all for any selfies, so that eliminates that aspect. Too bad about the skirt… maybe with some modifications you can still use it?
    Hope all’s well with you & yours!

  2. There’s definitely a difference in seeing yourself in the mirror and in photos. I found that I usually like myself better in photos than in the mirror. However, I have a dress I love and wear often, so I was slightly disappointed to see a picture of myself in where it didn’t look as good as I wanted it too. Getting clothes that fit and flatter your style and body is a hard task.

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