New Year, New Skills a little late

This is a little late, but I have been playing with my new machine’s finishing and special stitches. I was planning on posting this as part of the Monthly Stitch Collectives January Sew-A-Long. They motivated me to learn some cool new things about my sewing machine, even if I didn’t actually keep to the calendar!

new year new skill invisible zipper 2First, I bought the special invisible zipper foot that is fixed, aka no more foot shifting while sewing the zipper. The only change is that I have to switch to a standard zipper foot to finish the seam. It was definately worth the investment and makes these zippers a piece of cake.

new year new skill faux serge screenNext is the “J” foot or seam/edge finishing foot.

new year new skill faux serge seamIt really helps with lining up the edge of the raw fabric and has a thin strip of metal that hold the roll over stitch. As the fabric leaves the needle the stitches slide effortlessly off and knots are avoided.

new year new skill faux serge completeThis version of the stitch is my favorite and it really holds the fraying in check, even through machine washing. The machine has several presets for stretch, basic zig zag finish, etc. It is a great tool to have and is just as fast as neatly using pinking shears.

new year new skill blind hem screenLast but not least, the machine has a rather helpful explanation on how to use the special foot and stitches for machine blind hems.

new year new skill blind hem bumpThe foot has a raised side, so that the tension is stable even though one side is pressing on one layer of fabric and the other is pressing on three layers. This foot is an amazing way to easily finish non-couture projects with a sleek RTW feel.

new year new skill blind hem completeAnd when you open up the completed hem? It is practically invisible! All that’s left is the final press and voila! Quick sewing projects with professional finishing. I love couture techniques but having the ability to finish other projects so neatly and quickly is a blessing with my work schedule. I have several professional attire peices in process as we speak that will be getting these finishing treatments!

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Skills a little late

  1. Hope all’s well and you’re really starting to feel settled in your new home job. Eager to see what this fabric’s been made up into – looks like a great print!
    xx del

    1. I will be posting more soon. I just need someone to take some photos or a bigger mirror for selfies =) Things are going well and I am wearing many handmade pieces as part of my professional attire!

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