Muslins: always the best place to start!

I have been attempting to make a t-shirt. Stop laughing! It is harder than it looks.

Almost every fashion list or wardrobe recommendation book includes jersey tees for layering. Because of my love for cowls, almost all of my good jersey tops are not easy to layer. Therefore, I ran through my stash and grabbed some not so great knit fabrics to test some new styles and necklines as part of the wardrobe building basics of my silhouette project.

Muslin 1: Burda 02-2012-107B (shortened to top length)

burda tee 2

I guess I should have realized that with the pattern being for jersey and woven satin that I would get a fit like this:

burda tee 3It slides right down my shoulders for that 80s dancer vibe. Bleh. I think I would need to go down 2 sizes for this to work in jersey. I also don’t like the yoke line placement and the armholes are rather saggy, so I probably won’t take the time to retrace the pattern. I do wear this as a pajama top as the fabric is comfy.

Muslin 2: Vogue 7523 A (OOP, one long sleeve boat neck tee with loose heavily gathered split sleeves and 2 asymetrical knit blouses)

vogue tee front

Considering my recent success with the Vogue Wardrobe pattern, I didn’t measure the pattern tissue. I just cut the same size. I couldn’t believe the ease in this one. Look at all I had to pin out!

Vogue tee sideAnd that was in the back too! I used a heavier weight rib jersey for this one thinking that, if it worked, I’d have a sweater to wear, therefore I closed up the sleeve slits. Unfortunately, I also damaged the fabric with my straight pins. I’m not sure if its because of the unknown fiber content (a stash fabric that I have no memory of buying). I immediately went out and bought some knit ball point pins. I also happened to pick up a few other items, but that is a story for another time. Needless to say, I have to reduce this pattern quite a bit and make another muslin, but I’m not sure if its worth the effort. I love the sleeve heads. Somehow the gathering adds to my upper half, which balances out my hips. This color also looked amazing on me. Too bad all those pin holes damaged the center front and back so obviously. It might have been a great sweater with a CF and CB seam.

Muslin 3: Simplicity 2766 B

simplicity tee frontI picked this pattern up with the pins for $1! Can you believe that? They practically give sewing patterns away at Jo-Anns during sales. Holy Jeez-a-ma-cow! I’m looking forward to the Vogue sales. Anyway, I learned from my previous two to measure the pattern tissue and ended up cutting this one a size smaller than my “size” as recommended by the company and I belled out two sizes through the waist and hem. I also made a short back waist length adjustment.

It fits snuggly (aka the way I like it) through the shoulders, and the neckline doesn’t gape when I bend over. I think the gathering adds a nice touch to an otherwise basic scoop neck. You can also see here how it dips into my waist to define that area. I think I can take out a little more in this area through the hem for a closer fit, but otherwise this top is a winner. This fabric is not a soft jersey, so I think that would also drape closer to the body and make it a nice layering piece under jackets and cardigans. I am highly motivated to make another version of the Simplicity top, sleeveless, in lightweight jersey to check the new waistline tweaks.

4 thoughts on “Muslins: always the best place to start!

    1. Thanks! I just started a sleeveless shell version in a cream lightweight jersey and I’m really pleased with how the CF looks in the thinner fabric too. This one is going to get used a few more times this year!

    1. I’ll have to check that pattern out! Good luck with your tops. I love having a few fast projects for those days when you only have a few minutes to sew. Enjoy and I’ll keep checking in for the results!

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