Pattern Review: Vogue Wardrobe 2989

haircut after

This pattern gets a mixed review. I love the jacket and asymmetrical pleated skirt, but the top turned out to be a wadder. I made the jacket (above with my New Year’s haircut) and skirt wearable muslin combo in a Black poly/spandex/blend knit that I had in my stash. It had the stretch as the pattern required and stitched up beautifully. I turned the shiny side out for the skirt and jacket shawl, and used the matte side for the jacket.

haircut before

I love that the jacket can be dressed up or down (tossed over jeans, ballet flats, and a tank top for a chilly casual day outfit, and this is also before the hair cut). The only draw back is that the intended closure, a jacket hook and eye, sits awkwardly around the shawl collar, so that when you sit and the spread/pulling occurs, the collar gaps funny.

vogue suit clasp

Also, the waist has no stretch because of the seaming and nature of the fabric grain on a 2-way stretch knit which gets uncomfortable. Therefore, I took out the closure and if I make it again I’ll probably add 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch to the waist. Luckily, because of the cut with the peplum, it sits close to the body and doesn’t look sloppy unhooked. I think I just need to take out a little more back-waist length (I took 1 inch out for this version) as it poofs a little above the CB peplum seam.

haircut after back

I love the way the skirt pleat creates motion in an otherwise basic tapered knit pencil skirt. When I walk, the fabric swishes beautifully. I receive compliments every time I wear this one and my husband adores it! It really does some positive things for my curves and backside. Doesn’t the shine add something too?

vogue pleated skirt front 2

As for the shirt, I made it using a lightweight purple jersey, just like my Burda tunic. Honestly, I felt so positive about this style of top until I put it on after attaching the neck facings. The neck facings kept flipping out, there was weird gap-age at the center front, and it pulled where the mock-wrap was attached at the side seam. I think part of the problem was that the pattern recommended a fabric with less stretch and it may have been too lightweight to hold that neckline up. I don’t really know for sure, and I left that wadder in Brazil, so no pictures. I am willing to try again, I just have to find something similar to the black fabric to make another version.

Vogue suit frontHere’s the “suit” on my Manniquin. Alas, she doesn’t fill out the clothes like I do even though she’s “adjustable.” I’ve worn the suit look with the cowl tee (purchased at Cato), black opaque tights, black ballet flats, and a long rhinestone pendent necklace in the shape of a turtle. It feels feminine, yet retains an element of professional power suit.

A huge thank you goes to Curls-n-Skirls for sending this pattern as part of our winter swap! I am ready to make it again if I find the right fabric. I am thinking a wool blend would make a nice warm structured cardigan. I swear I have felt cold almost every day since I moved to the US!

3 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Vogue Wardrobe 2989

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Lovely!
    Remenbered seeing something similar on your blog and just thought you might like this, too.
    Sorry about the blouse – hope another fabric will work out for you.
    (New cut is gorgeous!)
    xx del

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