2 years and counting…

I was just notified by wordpress that my blog is having it’s second birthday today. I can’t believe two years ago today, I was sitting at my clunky laptop in Rio de Janeiro trying to figure out a creative name for my blog. After google-ing multiple cute/creative/witty titles only to discover them all taken, I settled on my simple title “Sewing for Me!” so I could move onto the fun parts: creating, writing, sewing, and proudly presenting my work/thoughts to the world.

As I am writing this post in my USA office, I realized I have not sewn a stitch since October! It is completely tragic! On the plus side, as a teacher, it is time for my Winter Break Sewing Spree! I am finishing up my grading, so I can submit my grades to the University registrar by Friday!

Twenty-Five essays and counting…

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