Shedding a few tears…

The time has come! We are moving into our very own townhouse! Today! That being said, I started moving the breakables yesterday, including my sewing machine and serger! I feel like I am coming out of the desert into the promise land.

I had the enjoyable experience of reuniting with my stash that we left in storage years ago. I didn’t think much about it then, but now I realize how much I gutted it before I left. I donated a decade’s worth of accumulation to the charity store: patterns, fabric, notions, trim.  I kept my Vogue Magazines, but the first issue I found from Nov. 2011 (above) was damaged because the box glue stopped sticking and the contents of said box spilled, upending the entire stack. I wonder, if a box falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I haven’t found my fabric, but I know I am going to regret parting with some of it. I remember once I stumbled across a Jo-Anns that was going out of business and I cleaned out over 100 yards of fabric for less than $50. I never had to shop for formal wear or costume fabric again. However, I didn’t feel right storing so much (My entire spare room was a sewing room. I was so spoiled and didn’t even appreciate it!). Therefore to reduce storing expenses, I did it. I remember parting with all that polyester thinking it was the better choice as the other fabrics were too nice to give up.  I hope I remember correctly and that the fabrics I’ve been dreaming about are still in my possession.

Anyway, a friend is coming today so we can catch up and unpack! I have already found part of my yarn stash and presented her with cashmere/silk yarn, Debbie bliss eco cotton, etc. I think she has about 20 skeins including a hand dyed wool blend sock yarn that a dyer made for me after we met during my travels. I just know that with a job and family, my crafting time will be limited. If I have to choose between sewing or knitting/crochet, the sewing wins every time!

Once we get settled and I find everything, I will be posting my completed projects. As you can imagine, I did absolutely no sewing since I’ve been here. My friend’s house was already full of her stuff so my sewing machine and whatnot had to stay in storage. I bet most of you already guessed that with my overambitious plans, but I was really hoping. My new goal is to spend the next few weeks unpacking like a mad woman around holiday commitments so that by December I can sew! I even planned a dinner party the first week of December to keep me motivated. I know it’s an addiction but admitting it doesn’t stop it!

7 thoughts on “Shedding a few tears…

  1. ALL best wishes on your move & getting settled, new job, and finding that stash! Know what you mean about not remembering what was saved & what was not. Have done the same thing more than once. But you’re in your own place now so CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    1. Thanks Del! I’ve been wearing my new Vogue Wardrobe peplum knit jacket frequently to work. Its been really cold here. I am not prepared for even basic A/C climates =)

  2. wonderful news all the best and good luck with the job and fitting all those great plans. Just remember that if things go a little pearshaped thats life, keep the important things in your life front and centre – that lovely little boy of yours and family. Thinking of you!!

    1. Thanks! It is a great point. I really want to unpack and finish that stuff but he’s not going to sit still so he’s been distracting me in all sorts of fun ways as he “helps”. He found green staples and the stapler yesterday and wanted to staple everything from the table cloth to my toes. I am so happy that’s he’s adjusting so well.

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