Sew-a-Longs in October?

Really T? When you are moving at the beginning of the month?

Well dear reader, one fun thing about this move is: I’m not taking my sewing machine! GASP! And that is because, I have this beauty waiting for me:

my sewing machine

Isn’t she pretty? Or is it a he because it has a computer? And no, I didn’t just buy it. Can you believe I bought this several years ago? Its been waiting for me in the USA because I couldn’t get it on the airplane as carry on and checking it with the computer module wasn’t happening. On top of that international shipping seemed silly since we were planning on permanently relocating to the USA “soon.” Years later, my dusty box is waiting for me, which means finding it and unpacking it, is really a visit and a return trip home. Easy peasy! As for fabric and stuff, I’m only moving what can fit in my suitcases, so my shrinking stash busting sewing has made that far more managable. I’m not buying anything new either because moving it would be crazy. I’m mostly taking finished items, tools and patterns.

Which means I’ve been drooling on the US fabric websites like a mad woman!

Here are some ideas I’ve got brewing:

128a_large This jacket is designed for a lighter weight fabric, has a slightly different band, and poofy pockets, but its essentially the same jacket as the Plaid Jacket they’ve picked for the new Burda Style Sew-a-long in October. I have this lovely copper silk noil I picked up during my jacket class. Cynthia G. recommended the color as a “wear with everything” jacket fabric because it matches my eyes. (Her tip being match either your eyes or your hair color for a jacket that you can wear everyday.) Of course at the time we were talking tailored jackets, but now that I’ve been loving (and wearing out) my Laura cardigan, I understand and appreciate how a smart light layer and relaxed fit can really dress up jeans and a t-shirt. Therefore, I’m going to pair these two up and line it with the coordinating Bemberg Rayon I picked for it in peach.

I also love these satin PJ style pants. I think while I have the pattern tracing stuff out I’m going to trace off the pants. I missed Did you make that?‘s Pajama Party sew-a-long this year, and my ones from last year wore out. If I really like the fit/style, I have this scarlet red silk/cotton satin that might make fun wear around town pants with heels, but first PJs!

The other sew-a-long I’ve been looking forward to is the Monthly Stitich’s Frocktober Fest. I’ve been wanting to join in the fun over there, but just haven’t had the time. I plan to make the 02/2011/101 dress which I just fitted up in a purple cotton sateen. I have the bright orange/coral poplin with matching lace that is calling my name.

Of course, you’re probably wondering about my crazy list. I finished it all, except for the 02/2011 jacket blazer! I went to work on the collar only to find the un-interfaced collar band piece has disappeared. I’m half-way through the collar, the body is done and fitted, and the sleeves are done. It is so nice to do fusable tailoring for a stretch fabric because it goes so much faster than the couture techniques. So I figured while I’m waiting for an early morning time block when my son is sleeping and I can cut, I might as well prep a few patterns! Totally logical =)

I figure after finishing the blazer, I’ll have whipped up almost 15 pieces. I think I’ve earned a few casual and sleepwear pieces for day-to-day wear. Then I can get back to job stuff with the navy poplin or black linen or something. I’m not really inspired by my “career” fabrics right now. Probably a bit of burn out!

On a final fun note, a friend of mine wants to trade. She’s going to take photos for my blog and I’m going to help her with her etsy store photos. Awesome photos will be coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Sew-a-Longs in October?

  1. Wow, your sewing machine looks pretty impressive! I’m also shopping for a new machine. And Frocktoberfest looks like a good time, I’m joining in as well. Look forward to see what you will sew.

    1. lol it does look like a beast doesn’t it =) It has so many extra bells and whistles that it is definitely more machine than I need but at the time is was on megasale! I’m such a sucker for sales! It is definitely going to take some time to learn how to use all the fancy extra bits like embroidery hoops and computer extras!
      What company are you looking at for your machine? I enjoyed visiting the showrooms and shopping for a machine. It was so much fun to test them all out and see what they can do! They have so many different options, new feet, and needle threaders/automatic thread cutters (which really rocked my world).This is actually the first machine I purchased that wasn’t a hand-me-down from the women in my family.
      I’ll definitely be posting pics of experimental sewing stuff!

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