Ouch, I think I strained a muscle!

I want to be this cool when I grow up!

So remember that list with 10 items for my work wardrobe? I finished 8! The white Burda blouse ended as a wadder/UFO due to weird directions and delicate fabric and my Deer and Doe Bluet needs buttons and buttonholes (BTW LOVE! I just had to let out the waist a bit and tweak the bust, but other than that it was a lovely pattern to work with!)

So what’s next? A job offer hopefully, but until then I am going to take some aspirin for my eye strain and keep sewing!

Here’s the next stage of my ridiculously ambitious plan for my last 3 weeks in Brazil:

Black Stretch cotton twill: Burda 02-2011-108B jacket, Simplicity A-Line skirt, and Burda 05-2013-126 Lace waist dress with a grosgrain ribbon instead of lace

Purple stretch cotton sateen (matte side out): Burda 02-2011-101 dress

Cream jersey: Top Burda 02-2012-107A and Cami Burda 02-2011-102B (I made one already and LOVE it. I actually love this entire collection if you hadn’t noticed the repeated 02-2011 references!)

My fingers are already not happy with the idea of another 6 projects, but I have 3 more planned if I have time. I just returned from my trip to Ipatinga, MG and they have the most amazing fabric store there. I found this beautiful bright coral stretch poplin that I would love to make up in a

I want those purple pants too!

dress. AND I found matching 20cm wide stretch lace! COLOR-MATCHED! They have the most amazing selection of bikini and lingerie hardware, supplies, and fabric there and I hit a sale. The lace cost a whopping R$5!  LUCKY! And I bought 2m of stretch navy poplin too because those fabrics were on sale for R$9 a meter.  The navy will be a work outfit while the coral is going to be part of my non-work stuff, so its at the bottom of the list. Maturity sucks sometimes. I managed to prep 3 patterns today and cut 2 garments even though it was a rainy day. My husband took charge of my son to help out. He’s probably not going to be able to work tomorrow because of the rain too, so I hope to cut out the 3 black twill pieces tomorrow. Pray for rain in Rio!

2 thoughts on “Ouch, I think I strained a muscle!

  1. Hoping you can take pics and let us see your projects. 🙂 I loved that February 2011 collection from Burda, too. Good luck with the next projects and here’s an espresso toast to a job offer!

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