Wishing it was Spring Giveaway!

This is my innocent face and “I didn’t touch it” hands.

The past 3 days have been rainy, cloudy, and cold, reaffirming winter’s hold on Rio. My son has been going crazy and we worked hard to wear him out. During naptime, the cold weather inspired me to clean and organize my sewing stash and table, mostly so I could plan some new projects. I discovered a UFO, a few old muslins, and other odds and ends I’d forgotten about. This has created an entirely new “to-do” list of fast fixer-uppers and upcycle material, all coming soon.

Akylis fav
My son picked this Khaliah Ali Collection as his favorite.

Now for the Giveaway.  One of the weight loss tips I read was: don’t hold onto your larger sizes just in case you gain the weight back. That is destructive thinking. Rather keep your clothing in your size and if they get a little tight, cut back on your calories or bump up your workouts to keep the weight off.

So in the spirit of this advice, I have pulled all my uncut plus-sized patterns and am giving them away! I’m not sure what to do about the cut ones, as throwing them away seems so wasteful. I am planning on recycling them, unless you guys have a better idea. To enter, just leave a comment with a funny story, discovered item, or handy tip from your own spring cleaning! Please include your email or blog so I can contact you if you win! My son intends to supervise the random number generator for fairness.

pattern plus polygon
Top Row from left: S2338 20W-28W, S2189 20W-28W, B5788 18W-24W, S1945 20W-28W Bottom Row from left: S1916 16-24,Burda 18-32, B5495 16-22, S2690 16-24

If you have any questions, just ask! I will be accepting entries until midnight EST Aug. 4, 2013.

One thought on “Wishing it was Spring Giveaway!

  1. Whoa! Stop ! !
    Those cut patterns are practically as valuable as uncut ones. And what’s to stop you from grading your favs down to your current size?!

    D’el, who keeps fav patterns forEVER, and has recently purchased more than 1 ditched-before-I-realized fav & is still looking for others on etsy

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