Silhouette Project-Ideas and Lists

Since my closet busting a few weeks ago, I’ve been doing my research. There are so many books, articles, and how-to’s that it blows the mind. So who do I trust? I have watched (and adore) Gok Wan from the UK’s How to Look Good Naked and really appreciate his lady line ups. To bad he’s not on TV here. I religiously watch What not to Wear and their website has tons of videos. Nina Garcia’s Little Black Book of Style is a good read. Ultimately, they all pretty much have the same content: how to fuse properly fitting pieces with one’s personal taste, style, and color palette to create a unique wardrobe that tells the world who you are. No small feat! So let’s take a look at the Trench Coat, included on lists everywhere. The color, length choice, and finishing details can dramatically change the look . You know what the classic trench looks like, but these are tailored for signature style.

The Romantic
The Unique Print
Sporty Chic with on trend color blocking

As seamstresses we are spoiled. With so many options, how would I narrow it down? First, I don’t get to wear jackets often, so when I do, I want it to stand out without being too crazy. I would chose this one:

How cool is it? The only draw back would be sitting in it! The gold color is in my warm and rich color palette, while the drama of the buttons keeps it from being too traditional. It accents the waist, which is key. I love how they styled it with the chunky bag and jeans. It suits my tastes, which seems to lean towards Traditional + Modern because of the cut and color.
It is time for a list breakdown. I am still flexible with it, but I pulled some ideas from Vogue’s Sewing Handbook.

dress types vogueNo matter what edition you have, there’s a section on basics with photos like these. They don’t necessarily show the most attractive versions, but you get the idea. I am already deleting the tent dress and the dropped waist dress since one is an unfitted sack and the other is universally unflattering for pears/bottom heavy hourglasses like me. It is nice that they show all the basic necklines, sleeves styles, and collars types too.

I am going to start with a few basic styles, as well as basic wardrobe pieces and see where that takes me. I am excited about this journey, but I keep hearing Nina Garcia’s saying, “I worry about her taste.” Well, so do I Nina, so do I.

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