The Silhouette Project-Stage 1


First, I found the news clip with Linda Przybyszewski on CBS. (Really, a 6 button cuff? Wow!)

Second, I found this wiki online that sounds like the panacea for all of us struggling with style. I figured I could run through the steps and see how it works. Of course, it didn’t. Step 5 is “Know how to put an outfit together.” Well gee, if that one line would teach me how, your wiki would actually teach me something new!

After writing my “Searching for my Style” post I had to think about how to get started. I’ve been thinking a lot about this project and am excited to be doing my own make-over. I remember feeling like I had a unique style back in the day, but I lost it somewhere in my 20s. I hope to have this project finished by my 32 birthday or Jan of 2014. That gives me 6+ months but I’m not going to cry if it goes longer. I have to finish my wool jacket and make a party dress too.

On Sunday, while my husband helpfully took our son to the park, I pulled every item out of my closet and sorted it. I tossed clothes with holes (why did I keep them, really?), clothes that were too big in fabrics not worth saving, and even that ugly green cotton sateen tank I made that fit horribly. I kept two tops that were worn out because I loved them to death: a black tank with ruffle neck detail (I bought it in brown too and that one is about done) and a black batwing tee with elastic waist detail. I am going to take them apart and make patterns from them, though my husband voted for the waist elastic to be deleted from the 2nd top. My husband requested I toss a few more things that he didn’t like, but I do. I love that he can’t explain WHY he doesn’t like something.

After the culling, I analyzed my closet, focusing on the pieces I really loved and the gaps.

Here’s a helpful analysis/breakdown which I made as a way to organize my thoughts and figure out an overall pattern:

Go To Neutrals: Black, Dark Brown, Tan

Go To Colors: Purple, Turquoise, Red

Absent Colors: Pink and Orange

Go To Prints: Zebra and Leopard

Absent Prints: Geometric prints

Odd items (stuff that doesn’t really blend with the rest): One yellow hi-low dress, one floral halter dress, one green tee

Rarely worn items: 2 maxi skirts, one vintage style dress (Nothing goes with them)

Most worn items: skinny jeans, black leggings, purple/blue/leopard print tunic, brown knit tank with neck ruffle

Missing items: shorts (none? Honestly, I had one but they are 2 sizes too big now), skirts (dresses are just easier) and a day dress (wore that sucker out)

NOTE: I didn’t include things like work clothes or gym clothes into this because I don’t work and my gym clothes are only for one purpose (at least they are now that I am trying to dress better).

Conclusions: I wear a lot of jewel tone knit tops with my jeans. When I’m with my son, I wear leggings and loose knit tunics for comfort and mobility (like the purple tunic I made). I like and wear a lot of chunky earrings and necklaces. I have only 2 skirts, my maxis, yet I have nothing to wear with them. Skirts in general I find challenging to style since skirts=dressing up in my experience. Obviously seeing how others do it around the blogsphere I need to change my way of thinking! I also tend to sacrifice my “look” for comfort but I should really be looking for a way to meld the two together.

So what’s next? Researching the basic shapes and silhouettes, seeing what fashion designers are doing with them to make their unique “design ascetics,” and figuring out what I like of all that and how I can incorporate that into my daily wardrobe rotation. Then of course its off to sew something from all my swirling thoughts! (I just started Pinterest last month for the Burda Sewalong and am now crazy about how easy it is to keep pictures there!)

PS: I do NOT like “gamine” style. Colette patterns referenced it as part of their new pattern description so I had to look it up. Here’s a really good description if you’re as clueless as I was. I also don’t like the flapper drop waist look either.

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