My Laura Cardigan


Laura side great

Yep, its done and I LOVE IT! I can’t believe it went together so quickly. Now for the pattern review and my changes. This sweater knit has a gold metallic lamination (correct term?) that looks like a zebra or tiger print on the right side. I love it, but I wanted my collar/hood to be pretty and not the plain color of the wrong side. So I changed my perception and the “wrong” side became the body of my cardi, while the “right” side became the hood/collar. I also changed the sleeves to make gold zebra cuffs. Very 30s, no?

Laura sleeve detail

Now before you say, “um aren’t those sleeves a little long?” I want to explain. The sleeves were too long on the pattern, and I shortened them to this length. Why? Because I wanted them to act like gloves. So instead of shortening to my wrist, I chose my knuckle length so I have that warming option since walking around with my hands in my pockets isn’t really practical with a toddler and handbag. It doesn’t look too crazy right?

Laura back 1I think the print contrast with the gold is just perfect, as I imagined it when I cut it. Its subtle and chique, IMO. I had nothing in this weight or drape to use for a muslin, so I increased the seam allowances to 5/8″ but that turned out to be unnecessary and the extra bulk caused problems when I stitched the back neckline and the hood/collar together. I don’t have a serger/overlock machine so I added hem allowances. I hemmed the sleeves 5/8″ and the bottom with 1 1/4″ after shortening the back length to 24 3/4.” It was originally 30″ long. Instead of turning the center front hem to the inside, I turned it to the outside so that the hem doesn’t show on the collar/hood and it disappears at the center front because of the way it drapes down.

Laura front good

Final assessment: I am in love with this cardigan! Honestly, after my disappointing Anita Blouse muslin, I wasn’t too motivated to open up my other StyleArc patterns. I am so glad that we had a cold snap last weekend that motivated me to make a cardigan. Hurray for that sweet feeling of success! Now I’m more excited about the other patterns. So what should I choose to make next?

Akylis and Laura

PSST: For those who noticed, that cream t-shirt is the finished Burda03-2011 # 138 wearable muslin. I haven’t decided which fabric I’m going to use to make another because the gold fabric didn’t have enough stretch. Its more like stretch Satin than jersey.

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