Someone hasn’t been sewing…

But I have been reading! I’ve been catching up on all sorts of things. I have been able to finish most of Susan’s course videos on the Couture dress. I also stumbled across a Behind the Seams: The Making of a Couture Dress articles by the author of the blog Frabjous Couture. A very inspiring series and her blog also has a completely documents Coco Jacket from a Susan week-long boot camp. Love! And from Vogue, the new Chanel style jacket from Claire Shaeffer, which should have some amazing couture directions. Don’t you just love the red color? I wish I had found this boucle before I ordered my Camel colored fabric. (It took 5 weeks for my StyleArc patterns to travel from Australia to Brazil btw. Crazy! I’ll post more about them once I start using them.)

As I look forward to my trip back to the US in three weeks, I’ve been building a shopping list! And all these couture articles have inspired me to add a few things to my list. As I’ve already ordered my couture dress fabric (sitting at my friend’s house in the US) I’ve been working slowly (turtle slow) on my muslin. I’m adding more muslin and organza to my list and a few odds and ends for the Coco Jacket like hair canvas. Its funny how often I buy the obvious stuff, but never think about the “framework” elements until I’m ready to start the project and then realize I don’t have things like interfacing, lining, or elastic. Thanks to Susan’s class, I think that habit will be broken, and I will probably get things that aren’t even listed on the back of the pattern.

I like the style of Susan’s course dress, but I also want to make a summer version, maybe in a different style, because my fabric is a wool blend, which may lead to me hardly ever wearing it. After reading about Frabjous’ linen dress over on Burdastyle and seeing Goodbye Valentino’s class dress, and how lining and underlining helps tame linen; I want to make a great linen dress for my tropical life here in Rio. Maybe a Maxi dress or one of Cynthia R’s dresses? So the fabric and all the “framework” bits made the list.

Anyway, I’ve also drooled on some non-couture patterns! Here’s the list. I am trying to limit myself=)

Here’s some cute summer styles from McCalls that made the cut! I also like the new Hazel and Lily dresses from Colette Patterns. Honestly, these are the first two patterns I’ve really liked from this company. I don’t know why, but their previous patterns didn’t inspire. I hope to find them while I’m in the US. That makes 5 patterns that made the cut, though my wishlist is far longer. If I can’t find the Colette patterns (which are a little pricey) I really should just not buy any, but I might get two others from my wishlist.

I also enrolled in the Craftsy Block of the Month course (FREE!) which has great informative videos! Now I want to make a new bedroom set. I have been looking over the quilt fabrics, especially Art Gallery Quilts’ Pat Bravo lines. She makes some amazing modern floral designs. I like the sample maxi dress out of her Rhapsodia line. For some reason I couldn’t re-post the picture. Anyway, I’m not sure this is going to happen, because when I put enough fabric in the cart for a queen-size quilt and pillowcases, the total was almost $200! That is a bit much for a bedroom set don’t you think? It would also take me hours and hours of sewing time and heaven help me if I spent that much money and it became a project that wasn’t completed for several years! Some quilters with kids take 2 years on large quilts. That is a huge commitment for someone who’s only successfully completed one over-sized crib quilt with a quilting class.

Here’s a picture of the Fun ‘n Done Halloween Quilt I finished shortly before my son was born. I might buy quilting fabric, but I’m just not sure I will, you know? I like the actual process of fitting together cute little squares, but to make a large project, I’d be talking about 110 squares. Yikes! What a time commitment, when my time is so limited and I’ve already purchased the couture dress materials and the coco jacket fabric. I probably should just leave this kind of project for later and focus on learning one set of new techniques at a time.

Its so hard to wait when I want to buy, cut and sew now! But with all the waiting its given me time to add and subtract all sorts of things from the shopping list. I don’t know which I like better, sewing with a plan that comes from this sort of list or my previous style of hitting the fabric store, buying and stashing until I’m inspired. I am hoping that the list and the plan will reduce waste, aka stashing that needs to be stored. I hate to think about how much space in our storage unit is my previous spare room/sewing room stuff that I couldn’t bring with me.

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