RTW Contest and Pattern Review

I have finished on my entry!

I know I probably should’ve moved the stroller but I just didn’t think about it. I also didn’t think about my lil zit which is why I’m covering it up in the third photo. Whatever, we all get them! Here’s a peak at the patterns.

Simplicity 3696 is the basis for the robe, which I shortened and color blocked. I had to squeeze both garments out of 3.5 yards of my fabric. 2.5 yards of the peacock rayon and 1 yard of the red cotton sateen. Yes one yard of the red. That’s why the robe is short. It was a tight squeeze cutting it all out but I did have enough by ignoring some grain lines on minor pieces (GASP! Not true bias! Nooooo!). Interesting to note, the robe came with 2 piece raglan sleeves. I have never seen 2 piece raglan sleeves before, and its been awhile since I’ve done 2 piece set-in sleeves. It was an interesting twist to a basic pattern. The pattern has a very definite curve on top of the shoulder because of the two pieces, and I had to straighten that out. Other than that change, this fit really well out of the envelope.

The nightgown is New Look 6490 (OOP) circa 2004 or 2005 when lingerie as outerwear made a comeback. Its a bias cut tank top that I lengthened.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern and my husband does too. It fit really well out of the envelope and works perfectly as a sexy housedress/nightgown. I’ve already cut the tank in a soft green cotton to match my “pyjama party” pants. I also want to make another nightgown with a different neckline  in a navy blue cotton eyelet I bought in Ipatinga.  The ladies from the telanovellas all wear nightgowns and matching robes on screen and I feel that I will be starting my collection with these patterns.

Had such a hard time picking which photo to enter, but here is the entry shot.

5 thoughts on “RTW Contest and Pattern Review

  1. Cute photos! You look like you’re having so much fun. 😀 I really like how this set turn out. And hmmm, I have that housecoat pattern…Might have to copycat you!

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