My first Style Arc order!

I am a total pattern hog. I have tons of them. I’ve sometimes bought the same pattern twice, and not because I loved it that much, I just forgot I bought it before. I have rarely used patterns twice, let alone developed them into TNT pattern the way the Sewing Fanatic describes. I used to go to Jo-Anns during a pattern sale and buy the 10 allowed and if they didn’t have my size I would drive to the next one even if it meant another 30 minute drive. Craziness, but I couldn’t resist and I would say I haven’t even used 50% of them, all sitting in boxes uncut. Before I moved I donated over 100 uncut patterns to the charity shop and put 4 small boxes into storage. I also brought about 40 with me.

However, now that I’m in Brazil, there are no Jo-Anns. There aren’t even stores that sell the big 4. There are several brands of pattern magazines (similar to Burda) that serve the seamstresses here. On top of this complication, I have learned a lot about patterns from reviews on Now that I have to pay full-price and international shipping, I am looking at the patterns with fresh eyes. The more I read the more I began to want to try smaller companies that have amazing reviews online with descriptions like “perfectly drafted.” I have never used a pattern that I would say is perfectly drafted. I agree with one PRer that the models they use to size the Big 4 are probably disproportionate aliens. That or I’m the mutant. Whatever.

So while researching other companies I looked over the size charts at Style Arc and found that I am not a mutant in their book. Hurray! And they have some amazing patterns. My first order is 10 patterns. I know, who does that?? Me!

First I picked this trio. Its nice that the designer pairs it with a celebrity look and you get a discount for the set. I couldn’t resist a SALE! I’ve been wanting to learn how to make a couture  Coco jacket, though maybe not in the a wool tweed because I would only wear it once a year or so. This pattern offers that perfectly and comes with two cute basics: a tee and skinny stretch woven pants. The pants are going to be in a denim first time out, my first skinny jeans! And it will connect back to my wardrobe SAL.

This one is a little harder to justify. I love the wrap top but the tank and trousers are fairly straight forward and I know I have versions of these in the Big 4. On the other hand, they would require extensive mods and I have not found a Big 4 pair of pants that I love. So I’m relying on the perfectly drafted reviews to say that I am going to develop these into TNT wardrobe basics with a high quality pattern paper that will survive numerous uses over the next couple years.

Then there was this adorable cardigan, I think I’m going to make it first! I just love the collar detail! And it comes in a set with leggings, another basic that I love to wear, and a dress that I’m not sure I’d ever make, but hey it’s on sale as a set so the dress pattern is almost free. I am a total sale sucker! Here is the dress.

I can definitely see it as a tee with the color blocking or maybe stretch lace since that is huge right now but I’m not sure I’d ever wear it as a dress. It’s pretty basic so maybe I will do some pattern play with it. We’ll see what sort of inspiration strikes.

And another cool promotion? Every order comes with a free pattern! That makes 10 patterns for less than $10 each (price before shipping), which makes them just as affordable as other pattern companies with better quality! And these all have potential for numerous pattern alterations! I can’t wait for my shipment to arrive!

3 thoughts on “My first Style Arc order!

  1. Im quite new to sewing so had never heard of that pattern brand – so thank you for introducing it to me 🙂 I love that the patterns look so modern. They’re just like clothes you could buy in a shop (which I find hard to find sometimes with patterns!)

  2. I haven’t yet bought my first Style Arc pattern, I am soooo behind the times. Have heard nothing but praise for them tho. I’ll be watching to see how your new wardrobe develops!

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