Affordable Inspiration from Fashion Week

I usually find the Fashion Week fashions a little over the top and unrealistic with all the layers and the heels that I can’t walk in, but there are some brands that I do look at. So while watching matador inspired lines in Buenos Aries, and Dior’s see through gowns in Paris. I found the SS 2012 Baby Phat look book very inspiring and actually the styles match my lifestyle. No not Bling Bling like Kimora, but look at these fabulous tropical friendly styles.

First the colors are bright and cheerful, the fabrics are light and natural, and the models are wearing flip flops!

Palazzo pants and jumpsuits are huge in Brazil, and again look at this beautiful blue!

And look at this white dress montage! White dresses are not totally practical with an infant, but they look fresh and airy for this tropical climate. Maybe if I make it up in a bright color.

This would be a true winter look for Rio! A pleather jacket and a beautiful white dress, though it could be made in a different color. This is a fabulous and affordable line, if I was in the US. I can always make my own versions in Brazil. Its funny that “cold” is very relative! When I hit the US in June, I would really like this yellow purse, and according to some of the quilters “yellow goes with everything!” Its the fringe that may not survive my son’s toddler moments.

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