I finished something!

With all the machine problems and whatnot, I have felt like my sewing was stuck in limbo. But finally I have finished a project, entirely cut and sewn in Brazil around naptime!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I cut this pink Rayon snakeskin using Burda 7379. Here’s the  front:

I love how the stripe on the fabric looks so pretty when cut on the bias. This pattern was entirely cut on the bias, which was a first for me.

And here’s the back:

I am thinking this will look good with jeans or with a black skirt, maybe tucked into the skirt. I have some black linen in my stash so I am toying with the idea of sewing up that soon. Here’s the front ruffle:

I am also proud that I used several couture techniques so its “quasi-couture.” I seam bound the seams and used the armhole and neckline bindings provided using hand-stitching. The only raw edges are on the ruffle. I’m worried that its going to be a gnarly mess in short order but we shall see. I have the full pattern review here.

Next up I have to finish my husband’s green shirt. Remember his Dec 2011 birthday present? Yeah that one!

5 thoughts on “I finished something!

  1. It looks so cute. It looks like one of those patterns I’d love to sew, but living in the UK I know I’d only have about two day a year when I would feel confident to wear it and on those two days I wouldn’t be in the right mood :). However, living in Brazil you can wear it all the time.

    One of the really nice thing about sewing is that you can wear stuff you make and if it doesn’t survive washing very well, then just make another one. In fact, I think this is one of my favourite things about sewing – I no longer save things “for best”.

    1. I can’t imagine how you survive with all that cold weather! I’ve always lived in the tropics, however I am super jealous of your ability to wear jackets. I love jackets because they can be so flattering and cool, and I only get to wear them about 4 times a year. The only jacket i own is a hoodie. I keep wanting to make one (double breasted pea coat or a chanel style one) but its hard to motivate, you know?
      As for worrying, you are so right! And when closet space is limited I will go forth and wear my clothes out so I can make room for new ones!

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