Having a Betty Moment

To be honest, I’ve never watched Mad Men. (GASP!!) Please be kind, they don’t air it in Brazil and before that I was way too busy to watch much TV (or sew for that matter). But I have been drooling on the pictures since I saw the Banana Republic ad campaign with the Mad Men theme ages ago. With Juliabobbin’s sewing challenge for a Mad Men dress I decided its time to make something Betty-like! I’ve already been drooling on the full gathered skirt stye thanks to Gertie’s silk taffeta version. Here are the inspiration photos:

and this one:

a simple and feminine ensemble with a full skirt and a buttoned up blouse. Not sure about the fabric yet, but I do have  a navy eyelet cotton that would be cute for this in my stash. I will have to dig it out and and see. I am thinking an underlining in a sunny yellow would be adorable with the same yellow used on the top. Maybe with navy buttons. We’ll see what I find the next time I hit the fabric store since I don’t own any yellow fabric right now. Or maybe pink? or white?

What I really NEED is my sewing machine back! Then I could sew and all this pent up energy wouldn’t be going into planning new projects!

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