Vogue 8489 as a Maternity Dress

I had two events to make dresses for late in my pregnancy, graduation and prom. I love chaperoning prom because I get to wear a cute semi-formal every year. This year I was in a major time crunch with work, the pregnancy, my mom’s illness, and moving so I thought it would be a great idea to whip up this dress and save money rather than buying maternity formal wear which starts around $150 if there’s a sale! Needless to say it was not one of my most lucid decisions! I ran into to Jo-Ann’s and found this cool knit on the clearance table. It has two treatments. First it has a shiny black on black leaf and floral design on the black knit background. Second its topped with a silver splashy finish that hints at an animal print. The photos don’t do it justice. However, it had a pretty stiff drape that was not appropriate for this pattern. Also I should never have tried to fiddle with the CF with all those pieces coming together into one point. I added to the gathers at the CF, about 3″, which meant I had too much to gather to really have it work nicely. It was a not a pleasant sewing experience.

It looked cute dancing, but I look like I’m about to birth my son right there! In reality I still had almost 12 weeks. Because the fabric was heavy and I added inches to the front it sort of stood out all on its own. Here’s a better view of the CF. It was a fun dress to wear, but will I ever sew this again? Probably not. I found the experience of sewing this one stressful, so when I packed for Brazil I threw this one into storage. Funny how hard it is to part with a pattern sometimes.

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