Percolating Projects

I’m not patient. I admit it. I have already started watching the Susan Khalje’s videos and my creative juices have been flowing.  While waiting for the class pattern, I dove into my treasure trove, two large suitcases that hold the portion of my stash that I brought overseas. My first muslin is based on Burda Mens 7525, view B in a pretty green stretch cotton sateen.

Yeah, it is for his birthday…Dec ’11. He loves me! Anyway, I started it this week. I found a white cotton/linen blend in my stash that I decided to use for the muslin. I hate this piece of sh** fabric from the chain store. Why the hell do they make such crappy fabric? Oh, right because cheapskates like me snap it up at $3/yd. I also have about 8 yds of this sh** in dark green. What a waste of suitcase space! Anyway, the muslin looks like the wrinkled behind of an elephant, a really old one at that. The fabric shifted, distorted and generally misbehaved the entire time.  My husband saw me cussing it out and he asked me what I was working on. When I told him it was his shirt, the look on his face was priceless. He was frantically searching for the right way to tell me he was never going to wear the white wrinkled monstrosity. I then reminded him of the video I was watching and telling him about the night before. He said, “Oh where they use bad fabric first to see if it works?” Bless him! He was listening to me! Anyway, I fitted him today, but I don’t think I’m going to use the muslin as a pattern because of how distorted certain seams are, especially around the curves. Attention fashion designers: the lazy side of me only made half sleeves because I was planning on making short sleeves, but he liked the elbow length because they are unique. Maybe its the next trend!

Here are the other projects:

Burda 7379: I don’t think I’m going to do a muslin because it is a simple rayon blend snake skin cut on the bias. The entire pattern is cut that way so no zipper! If I really like this cut on me, I think I might make up the dress length version down the road. My husband thinks this bubble gum color looks like a kids’ fabric. We’ll see.

Vena Cava’s V1228: I have been going back and forth about the fabric since the day I bought the pattern. I’ve been scouring the sites looking for exact fabric used on the model or one that is similar. After a fruitless search, I put the pattern aside. Then when I was looking through my stash to figure out what to bring to Brazil, I noticed that the pattern listed lightweight jersey as a potential fabric. It clicked with a fabric I had come across the day before that I had forgotten I even owned. I am going to omit the zipper and make a cute jersey dress or tunic. I’m not sure, but am thinking of shortening it to wear with leggings. I loved leggings in the 80s and I love them now.

Simplicity 2152: Finally, I have been reading up about TNT patterns (Tried ‘N True patterns, yeah I had to ask) and I hope this skirt with the micro-suede leopard and khaki stretch cotton sateen will turn out to be a pattern that goes in this category. Now that I’m looking at the picture, it looks like the two are not quite that same shade and maybe won’t go together. I will have to think on this. What other color would go with the micro-suede leopard print? Maybe purple or black? Navy? I’ll keep you posted, but this skirt is definitely getting muslin-ed. Look for pattern reviews of these four patterns in the future.

I’ve also been reading about wardrobe building and I began to look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes. I only brought things that fit 5 mos. post-baby when I came here, and now a lot of that doesn’t fit (yes!) because of further change. The things that still fit are numerous pairs of leggings (I brought 5 pairs overseas with me and they are very popular here) but somehow I only packed 1 tunic and 2 dresses. Craziness. So I hope these pieces fill in the blanks, including my husband’s lack of a b-day present! Only 3 months late=) He was betting that it would be his ’12 present. See I showed him!

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