This is the year for Couture!

I bought my birthday present for me:’s Susan Khalje’s Couture Dress online sewing course! I am so excited! I have been wanting to take my sewing to the next level but haven’t really hit on a way to do it. Sure a book would work but I wanted something more visual and hand’s on. As I have been reading up in the blogosphere I’ve heard a lot of good things about her course and her workshops so maybe if this goes well I’ll be able to justify the splurge and travel expenses for one of her week long jaunts.

Pattern drool! The course is using V8648. I like the pinstripe play on the sheath but not sure which fabric I am going to choose. Decisions, decisions!

Here is my plan for this blog, at least initially. I won’t be including course content so go register for that! Its really affordable! I am going to include my musings, my challenges, and a review of the online course. I am not promising huge progress, especially since I am waiting for the pattern to get to my US PO Box to then be picked up by my friend and mailed to me here in Rio. Trust me, I have already looked through my pattern collection tempted to start with a pattern I migrated with, but I decided to practice “slow sewing” as in not rushing through the process to get to a result (which is not always a gratifying piece of clothing). I am going to change my instant gratification ways and start pushing myself to be methodical and precise. My grandmother would finally see the fruition of all those summers when I was a kid where she insisted the seam ripper was my friend and straight stitching was really important. I finally agree grandma!

Anyway, my first test will be patiently waiting the 2-3 weeks for my pattern to arrive! Happy Birthday to me!

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